Bernie Madoff's Shiny and Expensive Stuff From Palm Beach Mansion Up for Auction

If you've ever wanted to own a fishing vest, jumper cables, or a $169,000 painting that  once belonged to Ponzi scheme legend Bernie Madoff, now's your chance.

The U.S. Marshals Service is holding a two-day auction on tons of things from Madoff's Palm Beach County mansion, both online and live from the Miami Beach Convention Center on June 4.

The items up for auction are pretty much what you'd expect from a really rich person's house: Tons of golf clubs, art, fancy furniture, cigar cases, clothes (sizes 36 to 42), shoes (size 9), and various other rich-people things.

But there are some more unique items that could start some bidding wars (or not):

  • Oil painting by John Wootton estimated at $140,000 to $169,000
  • Vintage bronze telescope from around 1860 with a wooden tripod, estimated to fetch between $2,800 and $3,200
  • Honorary Doctorate Degree from Yeshiva University, given to Madoff at the University's 77th annual Hanukkah dinner and convocation
  • A few boxes of monogrammed stationery and Madoff's business cards
  • Silver and alligator leather flask
  • 1870s collection of Charles Dickens leather-bound books
  • Vest monogrammed "Madoff Fishing Team"
  • 34 pairs of cuff links or tuxedo studs
  • 18 telephones
  • 17 napkin rings
  • 8 lighters
  • 7 gelatin molds
  • 3 seasons of "Alias"
  • A ton of other stuff you probably don't need 

If that doesn't sound like it's enough junk belonging to a guy who swindled $65 billion from people in one of the most-publicized Ponzi schemes ever, you're right -- that's only a fraction of his stuff.

The real goodies were in his Manhattan penthouse apartment, which included Ruth Madoff's $550,000 engagement ring, their yacht, and Mercedes-Benz convertible.

The Marshals say photos of all Madoff's stuff will be released closer to the auction.

Until then, click here to read through the whole catalog of Madoff's things up for auction.

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