Boca Elementary Student Molested by Fellow Student, Father's Suit Claims

A female student at Coral Sunset Elementary School in Boca Raton was repeatedly molested by another student, claims the girl's father in a lawsuit filed Monday.

The boy also allegedly repeatedly sexually harassed and made inappropriate sexual comments toward the girl, according to the victim's father. And worse, he says, the school did nothing about it.

Now the man is suing the Palm Beach County School Board.

According to a report by the Palm Beach Post, the man released a statement Tuesday via his attorney, Jeff Herman, that claims that his daughter -- named as "Jane Doe" in the statement -- was sexually harassed multiple times by a boy the statement calls "A.J." during the 2011 school year.

The statement also claims that the incidents were reported to Jane Doe's teacher, as well as to Danielle Garcia, the school's principal, but that nothing was done beyond sending the boy to the principal's office.

Specifically, the statement contends that Jane Doe and "A.J." were left alone and unsupervised many times, when he sexually harassed and made sexual comments toward her.

One specific incident is cited when, around May 6, 2011, Jane Doe and her fellow elementary school students were left unsupervised during recess. She was then sexually assaulted by "A.J." and two other boys, the statement alleges. 

This apparently occurred after the original incidents had already been reported to school administration, highlighting the statement's accusation of Coral Sunset Elementary not taking any action to punish "A.J." or see to it that the students were looked after and supervised.

The school district has yet to comment on the suit.

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