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Brazilian Boy-Giant Will Play for Syracuse

Fab Melo, the seven-foot tall Brazilian exchange student who will make his American basketball debut this year at Sagemont High School in Weston, has made hoops fans in upstate New York awfully happy. He just committed to play his college ball at Syracuse.

Known simply as "Melo," he's already drawing comparisons to that school's last "Melo" -- Carmelo Anthony, who in his first and only season at Syracuse led the team to a national title. No pressure, kid.

Melo picked the Orangemen over Louisville, but he could have played for any team in the country. He was ineligible to suit up for Sagemont last year, after transferring from Brazil, but his performance in amateur tournaments left no doubt as to his star potential. This recruiting service ranked him the nation's second best center prospect and among the top five players at any position.

Already, Melo has inspired Syracuse fans to learn Portuguease to make him feel more welcome. "Fabricio," writes one fan. "Boa vinda a Siracusa. Ajude-se por favor a qualquer coisa que você gosta."


Você aprecia a pizza? Nós temos a abundância. Você aprecia a cerveja? Quando você é da idade, você terá sua suficiência. Você aprecia o perfume fino de uma mulher? Você cheirá-los-á.

Obrigado escolhendo atenda à universidade de Siracusa sobre Louisville e as outras escolas. Nós não quisemos dizer naquele tempo qualquer coisa mas Louisville é um lugar horrível aonde os sonhos vão morrer. Aqui em Siracusa, você voará livre como um pássaro e subirá tão altamente como suas asas podem o tomar.

Jim Boeheim fá-lo-á em um homem. Não em uma maneira assustador. Na boa maneira. Além disso, obrigado. Nós estaremos felizes enraizar no próximo ano para você.

Nós desgastaremos seu uniforme e cheer seu nome. Tudo que nós pedimos no retorno é completamente pequeno. Tudo que nós pedimos é um campeonato nacional. That' s não demasiado, é? Obrigado adiantado.


Ventiladores de Siracusa

Google translator reveals that greeting to be just a touch creepy:


Welcome to Syracuse. Help yourself to please anything you like. You like the pizza? We have plenty. You like beer? When you age, you have its sufficiency. You appreciate the fine scent of a woman? You smell them.

Thank you choosing to take on Syracuse University of Louisville and other schools. We do not want to say anything that time but Louisville is a horrible place where dreams go to die. Here in Syracuse, you will fly free as a bird and rise as high as their wings can take the.

Jim Boeheim will do so in a man. Not in a scary way. In the good way. Moreover, thanks. We will be happy rooting for you next year.

We worn the uniform and cheer his name. All that we ask in return is quite small. All we ask is a national championship. That's not too much, is it? Thanks in advance.


Fans of Syracuse

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