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Broward County to the Rest of America: It's Not Our Fault

So. Last night was fun! We learned that our calculations were off and America, in fact, contains more racist white people than were previously accounted for.

Also Florida, the one state that has the most to lose as a result of climate change, saw fit to elect a president who doesn’t believe it exists.

This is quite embarrassing. And understandably, the rest of the country is really mad at us. Like, refusing to help next time a hurricane hits us mad. Saying we don't deserve medicinal marijuana (which passed!) mad. Trying to take away Disney World mad.

But Broward County residents would like to make one thing clear: It's not our fault. Sixty-six percent of us voted for Clinton, and only 31% voted for Trump. The only other Florida county with a stronger showing for the Democratic Party was Gadsden, waaaay up north on the Florida-Georgia border, which has only a small fraction of our population.
And people in Broward County are so done with the rest of Florida that they're about ready to get some masking tape and cover up the state's name on their license plates.
For each person who's currently trying to clear Broward County's name, there are at least three others who think that South Florida should be its own separate state... or secede already and become its own separate country.   They've already nominated Kodak Black for president. And after last night, it doesn't seem like that much of a long shot.
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Antonia Farzan is a fellow at New Times. After receiving a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University, she moved to South Florida to pursue her dream of seeing a manatee and meeting DJ Khaled (ideally at the same time). She was born and raised in Rhode Island and has a BA in classics from Hamilton College.

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