Broward Health CEO Frank Nask's Job in Jeopardy

Commissioner Robert Bernstein has asked that the North Broward Hospital District's board consider removing the public hospital's CEO, Frank Nask, after a year when the district was hit by a barrage of scandals.

The item will be placed on the board's January 27 agenda. District spokesperson Sara Howley couldn't immediately confirm the agenda item, but I spoke this morning with Bernstein, who confirmed that he is pushing for the change in leadership.

I had a wide-ranging discussion with Bernstein, who ticked off a long list of grievances, He's optimistic that his fellow commissioners will see the merit in his argument at this month's meeting. "If I wasn't confident that I could strongly support this position," he said, "I wouldn't be doing this."

I'll elaborate on Bernstein's reasons in my next post. Stay tuned.


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