BSO Finds $2.2 Million Worth of Pot Because Someone Parked Their Van Like a Douchebag

If you don't want the cops finding the 2,000 pounds of weed you left in your van, don't park it across multiple parking spots like a douchebag.

Now the cops want to know who that douchebag is.

"Broward Sheriff's Office detectives are looking for the rightful owner of 38 bales of marijuana that were left unattended inside a van in West Park," writes Keyla Concepción, public information officer for BSO.

After someone called the cops to complain about the van hogging parking spots at the Home Depot at 1951 S. State Road 7 in West Park on Friday morning, they decided to show up and have a look.

When sheriff's deputies got near the van, they happened to notice that it smelled like weed -- probably because there was around 2,000 pounds of the stuff in there, Concepción tells New Times.

For good measure, they called in the dogs, who also smelled the weed.

After getting into the van, they found 38 bales of pot, which they totaled to have an estimated retail value of $2.2 million.

The cops are still trying to figure out where the load came from as well as who owned it.

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