Buddy Nevins Sues Bob Norman/Village Voice Media

After retirement from the Sun-Sentinel, Buddy Nevins has foundsomething to do. I just wish it wasn't suing me. It was filed by his lawyer, Christopher Fertig, and has to do with the Phil Busey blog post and article I did recently. This may get interesting, but there is no joy in Pulpville tonight. The truth is, as I've stated several times on this blog, I like Buddy and believe he's done awesome work in his career. Hell, I even put him down in the Acknowledgements of my little true crime book, Florida Pulp Nonfiction. I named him Best Columnist one year for the New Times' Best Of issue. And as much as I'd like to get into the specifics of the case, I can't right now for obvious reasons. But I stand by my work and wish Buddy the best.

UPDATE: Here's the Sun-Sentinel's brief news story on the lawsuit.


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