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Can You Tell Fish Bait From the Adorable (Ie, Kittens)? Take Our Quiz

Everybody loves kittens. They're cute. They're playful. They're telepathic. Because people love kittens so much, it's important to recognize appropriate uses for them. Companions. Confidantes. Temporary pillows. Misuse kittens and you're in trouble. Case in point:

Two kittens were rescued Friday from a boat in a West Palm Beach storage yard, where the Adopt-A-Cat foundation believes they were to be used as alligator bait. It's a very sad story -- their paws were tied up so tightly with fishing line that they swelled to three times the normal size, reports the Los Angeles Times, CBS, nineMSN (Australia), and everyone else in the world who published this story and now probably thinks Palm Beach is home to kitten killers (and we were just living down that whole hanging-chad thing).

Guys, this is not good. Feeding kittens to alligators is not good. Sometimes? No, never. Occasionally? Absolutely not. Take our quiz to make sure you know when something's gator bait and when something's an adorable, fuzzy, national treasure:

Fish bait or beloved house pet?
A. Balsa wood carved like a minnow
B. Golden retriever

Fish bait or cute creature to include in a family photo?
A. Tabby cat
B. Rubber worm

Fish bait or a keeper of all your secrets?
A. Dalmation
B. Salmon eggs

Fish bait or capable of developing a meaningful relationship?
A. Slug
B. Parakeet

And for all the prize money...
Gator bait or kitten?
A. Small fish, cattle spleen, or really anything but kittens
B. Kittens

If you need a scoring card, we're afraid you're beyond our help. But if you'd like to prevent sad things from happening to the cute critters of Palm Beach and Broward, there are tons of ways to help out.

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Lisa Gartner
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