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Carlton Moore's Son Imprisoned For Life

You probably remember that Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Carlton Moore recently made the news (yeah, I'm linking the Freepers -- couldn't find a full version) for intervening on his son Forrest's behalf during a run-in with police at a bar in the Himmarshee district. What you didn't know is that his oldest son, Martin B. Moore, was recently sentenced by the feds to life in prison for running crack cocaine.

U.S. District Judge Richard Smoak handed down the brutal sentence on May 30 for the 29-year-old Martin, who was caught in January in Panama City with bag full of crack and has a history of drug charges in Broward County. The feds found that the cocaine came from a kilogram deal that went down in Atlanta with a supplier known as "Bleed."

As much as I abhor the crack trade, I don't think anyone should have to spend the rest of their life in prison for a bag of rocks. The federal sentencing guidelines are criminal in that regard. And somehow knowing this makes me respect the commissioner more than I did. The guy has been going through hell and yet he keeps plugging away when most people probably would have crumbled.

After the jump: Mongo Runs For Office and Chan Lowe Misses The Mark

Part-time Fort Lauderdale resident "Prince Mongo" is running for an open city council seat in Memphis, according to the local Fox affiliate there. Here's the choice excerpt from the station's written report:

Mongo, who claims to be the Ambassador for the planet Zambodia, signed his handwritten submission by dipping his bare foot in ink and, apparently, stepping on it.

He was dressed in a green bathrobe, wearing his trademark long blond wig and a rubber chicken around his neck.

In his note (linked here), Mongo wrote that he submits his "spiritual name to the Council to replace one of the many political corrupt thieves."

"If you vote 'yes' and I'm chosen, I will launch an investigation into the rest of you all to be sure there isn't anyone left behind with the same disease," he writes. "If you vote 'no' then you are probably hiding your guilt!"

If you want to read about Mongo's adventures in Fort Lauderdale, check out this story, the greatest ever done on the man, he says modestly.

(And thanks to Trevor Aaronson, former NTer now with Commercial Appeal in Memphis, for the heads-up).

-- You should read this about a Vietnam Vet's life-and-death fight with a rabid bobcat on his freaking back porch. 62-year-old Dale Rippey strangled the mad beast to death but then had to go through a "series of hots" to prevent rabies, according to the Miami Herald's website version. I don't know what "hots" are, but they sound intriguing.

-- Chan Lowe had a good idea for his cartoon in the Sun-Sentinel this morning, but he managed to blow it. He draws Arab sheiks counting their money while in the distance a Palestinian, surrounded by fire, yells to them: "O Arab brethren! In the name of Allah, please help save us Palestinians from ourselves!" What a pussy move from Lowe to add those last two words "from ourselves." Nice. Pin it on the Palestinians again, give Israel a pass because you don't want to hear it from the Jewish Political Mafia (they know who they are) in Broward/Palm Beach counties. The Palestinians didn't kick themselves off their own land and they aren't brutally occupying themselves, Chan. Grow a pair.

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