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Caught on Tape: Dalia Dippolito Tells Her Friend to Hire a Hit Man

For anyone with lingering doubts about Dalia Dippolito's alleged plot to have her husband killed, this is required viewing.

Dippolito doesn't realize her longtime friend has become a confidential informant for the police, and his car is wired with surveillance equipment. At the end of their conversation,she gives him $1,200 to hire a hit man. 

But first, she talks openly about why she wants Michael Dippolito dead, and she denies that it's just about money.

"It's not even over the fucking money," she says. "Like you don't fucking get it...It's about like, his fucking friends and all that other shit."

She explains that Michael's friends have Mafia connections, and they could target her if she tries to leave him. He won't want her to walk away with his money and his $225,000 house in a divorce.

"Me going and fucking filing for divorce -- he'll come after my fucking ass. Period," she says.

Still, her friend the informant is having a tough time believing she wants to go through with hiring a hit man.

"Ok, so after he kills him or whatever...[Michael's] mom is not gonna be suspicious of you?" the informant asks.

That's when Dalia reveals just how naïve she is about the mess she's created for herself.

"Why me?" she replies."Do you know what fucking killing somebody is? Killing somebody? Come on...Nobody's gonna be able to point a finger at me."

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