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Celebrity Sex, Benghazi, and Jobs: What The Broadwalk Wants Asked at the Debates

This evening, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will look to destroy one another in an epic battle of banter at Lynn University in Boca. It's a safe bet that moderator Bob Schieffer won't throw too many curveballs and the questions will be similar to everything that's already been asked in the first two debates.

So to figure out what voters really want to know, we trolled the Hollywood Beach Broadwalk on Sunday afternoon. From sex with celebs to ice cream preference, here's what voters in arguably the most important swing state are demanding to know.

Allison, 23 years old

If you could ask anything at Monday's debate and both candidates had to answer, what would it be?
If they could sleep with any celebrity who would it be?

Whoa. Who do you think Romney would go for?
Probably someone dark and mysterious. Like maybe Angelina Jolie.

What about Obama?
Probably someone fun and outgoing.

Are you going to vote?
If I can get my absentee ballot stuff together in time. I just moved down here from New Jersey.

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