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Charlie Sheen: Donald Trump Gave Me Fake Cuff Links

Just before the end of his show in Sunrise on Saturday, Charlie Sheen told his audience that he would not be voting for Donald Trump anytime soon. Then he told the crowd a story about a dinner he was supposed to have with "The Donald" a few years ago, back when Sheen was still married to Brooke Mueller, and how it ended with Trump giving Sheen a pair of knock-off cuff links.

"Is he really running for president?" Sheen began. "Well, let me tell you why you shouldn't vote for him."

Sheen said that he and his wife were fighting a lot at the time and that he was several hours late to dinner at Mar-a-Lago, a place he said "looks like a cheap set." He said Trump wanted to cheer him up, so he gave him what he thought was a pair of platinum and diamond Harry Winston cuff links valued at more than $100,000.

Sheen said Trump kept complimenting his Patek Phillipe watch too, but Sheen pointed out he wasn't going to give his watch to a "billionaire," noting, "He could buy the company!"

Long story short: A few months later, as Sheen and his wife were divorcing and lawyers were divvying up the wealth, they had the gift cuff links appraised. They weren't Harry Winstons, it turns out. They weren't platinum. They weren't gold either. And those diamonds? Cubic zirconium. He said the cuff links appraised for about 60 bucks. Thinking of Trump, Sheen shot out a "You're fired!"

Then he added: "Don't give fake jewelry to someone who can figure out if it's fake."

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