Chick-Fil-A Stampede in Pompano?

When the scent of free food wafts through the air, people tend to get violent. But Chick-Fil-A insists that everything will be calm for next week's grand opening of its Pompano Beach store. The chain has promised to award a year's worth of once-per-week meals to the first 100 in line.

That's a prospect that in the past has been yummy enough to convince people to camp out for 24 hours in advance. 

According to the company's PR rep, anti-cow groupies fly clear across the country to participate in these "First 100" grand openings, spreading peace, love, and chicken coupons. "I've seen 'First 100' winners give their 52 coupons to the less fortunate, whether it be family or neighbors that have lost their jobs." says spokeswoman Cindi Pickett.

To hear Pickett describe it the scene is more kumbaya then cock fight.

"We've even had some romances spring up," Pickett tells me.

Apparently, a couple celebrating 50 years of marital bliss will make the December 10 Pompano opening their 50th grand opening attendance to coincide with their anniversary.

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