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Children With No Financial Future To Be Jailed

If you have children, and you'd like to exploit those children for your political gains, and if you have the money to rent those children prison uniforms, you should totally bring them to downtown West Palm Beach on Wednesday. That's when people protesting government spending will bring 20-30 children dressed in prison uniforms and put them in fake debtor jails. It's meant to show how children will have to pay for wasteful government spending of today. And it's also a great way to ensure continued work for psychologists of tomorrow.

The event is part of a nationwide Tea Party demonstration put on by Libertarians, Republicans, and others who think economic stimulus bills are a good occasion to put our children into fake debtor jails.

Sid Dinerstein, chairman of the Republican Party of Palm Beach County and an organizer of the event, said the fake jails will be two dimensional, meaning the kids won't actually be held captive at any point. Except by the government's excessive debt.

"We're trying to get people to appreciate that we're mortgaging our future," Dinerstein told me last night. He expects about 1,000 protesters holding about 500 signs. "If people your age could wrap their head around what's been done to them for the last 70 years, they'd burn the country down."

Want another good reason to burn the country down?

If you want an example of what's been done to our children, check out the Republican Party of Palm Beach County's website, which features a photo of George W. Bush, apparently endorsing the West Palm Tea Party. Bush, as you might know, is the guy who increased the deficit every year he was in office, and that's without factoring in the cost of the two wars. He also sort of broke the world.

Just the same, Dinerstein is one of the most reasonable, thought-provoking partisans South Florida has to offer. Truth is, he's right that we've mortgaged our children's future to pay for government spending of today. I just hope the children are willing to pay my Visa bill, because I just racked up this terrible debt buying a Tea Party outfit.

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