Constitution Party: Obama Might Mobilize Rioting Blacks, Hispanics to Take Over Country

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There's something the South Florida-based wing of the Constitution Party would like you to know: There is a very real danger that President Barack Obama is going to stage a "false flag" assassination attempt to incide rioting, which will allow him to install martial law and postpone the November elections.


You can tell it is real because of the second paragraph of the article that Florida Chairman Mark Pilling posted:

What I'm going to report here is only a rumor that presently can't be confirmed. But it is of such magnitude that it must be made known if only to prepare America for a possible terrible eventuality. And while it has not been confirmed, neither can it authoritatively and convincingly be denied, certainly not in a United States where our Constitutional rights are under constant attack.

Summary: Someone told me something that sounds just awful. There is no evidence, but it seems like something that could happen. Let's call it a theory. About a secret plan -- a conspiracy, if you will.

Oh! A conspiracy theory? A curious thing coming from the party that claims to be "Uniting All Americans, not just one side, based on Historical Truth."

The article was written by a guy named Joe Angione, who until 2010 was a columnist at a paper in central Florida. Now, he does his own thing, a thing that includes writing about this weird rumor of Obama taking over the country.

"This rumor involves an agent of the Department of Homeland Security who allegedly informed a reporter at the Canada Free Press of a 'false flag' or faked event to be initiated by Obama administration operatives in the hope of preventing the November presidential elections," he wrote.

If you are wondering, the Canada Free Press is a conservative website that features headlines like "My Trip to the Liberal Zoo." There's also "BREAKING NEWS: Not All Idiots Are Democrats!" which starts by saying, "Which is NOT to say that Not all Democrats are idiots...because they are." The second sentence mixes up "who" and "whom."

If somebody from Homeland Security is trying to leak this, he has chosen the worst possible publication to do it with. Seriously. Is this leaker the only person in the federal government without David Sanger's phone number?

OK, Angione, what else we got?

The event would be a staged assassination attempt on the life of President Obama that would be blamed on "white supremacists" and subsequently used to enrage black and Hispanic communities driving them to rioting all across the nation.

The faked assassination, says the CFP report, would be carried out through the assistance of DHS agents, and "other colluders" taking their orders from the White House. The objective would be to stir up enough racial unrest to justify the imposition of martial law in major urban cities, including erecting DHS checkpoints, restricting travel, and delaying (possibly indefinitely) the November 2012 elections.

Ah, there it is. Obama wants to incite a race war. Catholics didn't riot when JFK got shot, and wealthy white folks didn't riot when Reagan got shot, but Obama? KILL WHITEY! Burn the District of Columbia to the ground! A black guy got shot at, and the only conceivable response from the black community is rioting. And don't forget those angry Mexicans! White people are not expected to care that much, because they are Civilized and Educated.

Pilling says the party's goal is to "educate and unite the citizenry in historical truth." Let's look at some historical truth, eh?

Assassination attempts have killed four presidents and have been publicly documented in the presidencies of around 14 others. We know this because it is written down on the Internet. We also know that in none of these attempts has there been NATIONAL RIOTING, including in cases where the president actually died. Is it because nobody cared enough about James Garfield to run around robbing businesses and stealing children? Because it seems like the concern is really that black people are just more likely to riot than "everybody else." Let's vote for these guys. They seem smart.

How about martial law? Not likely. The president needs an act of Congress to use the military as law enforcement (the Posse Comitatus Act, established 134 damn years ago). But wait! There's been legislation that changed that?! OH GOD. What was the revision? OH GOD. It said the president could use any branch of the military in the event of "a natural disaster, epidemic, or other serious public health emergency, terrorist attack or incident, or other condition."

Or other condition?! The president is allowed to do anything! Obama is going to kill us with his Army and never let us vote! He's ending democracy! Our republic is over!

Not quite. That revision was made at the request of -- gasp! -- George W. Bush in 2006. It was repealed two years later. The president can't just order around the military. The states, however, can -- maybe they'll bring in the National Guard and keep the election from happening?

Not likely. Because of that thing the Constitution Party is so enamored with -- history. The L.A. riots in 1992, for example, were among the worst in American history. 2,000 people injured, more than 50 killed. Bad scene all around. They lasted six days. It was a racial uprising that had been building for years, finally set off when a bunch of cops acquitted even though there was a very clear videotape of them beating the living snot out of Rodney King. Say it wasn't justified, fine. But it was a much bigger deal than someone shooting at the president and not hitting him.

How do we know this? Because it happened last November. Guy allegedly shot a rifle at the White House and hit a window in the residence section. Cops say he called Obama the "anti-Christ." And nobody rioted.

I called Pilling to ask why he thought it was a good thing for political parties to be posting conspiracy theories that the theorists are acknowledging have no basis in reality. We played phone tag for a while, and sometime after I left my first message he changed the introduction to the blog post in question.

The original (preserved here, just for fun) introduced the article with a short message from Pilling saying "I believe something will happen the last quarter of this year... Here is the rumor. Based on a lot of factors, I think it has potential."

He didn't say what those factors were, outside of, you know, racism, but the new one has a YouTube video and the pointless statement that "false flag events are real."

"Whether this rumor is real or not is not the sole point," Pilling wrote. "My point is that Americans must research history and facts to realize that false flag events have occurred and usually garner more power for those in control."

This new message was directed at "those of you licking your chops in condemnation of this post without any investigation."

Hopefully this was enough investigation, Constitution Party, because you guys are a bad joke.

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