Couple, Engaged at IKEA Flash Mob, Want to Marry While Rappelling Down 31-Story Building

Carlos Gato is quickly becoming man's worst enemy.

"Husbands hate me," says the newly engaged 30-year-old. "They're always coming up to me telling me they're upset because they feel like they have to top me."

Gato, if you recall, coordinated with the IKEA in Sunrise to put together an extremely creative marriage proposal which included a flash mob dance routine in the store. Nearly two months later, he and his soon-to-be-wife, Rebecca, are attempting to take wedding ceremonies to the next level.

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The couple is hoping is to win a contest entitled 'Wed on the Edge,' which may seem more like a suicide wish than a wedding reception. The event, put together by the Miami Children's Initiative in conjunction with Over the Edge USA and the JW Marriott Marquis, pits couples against each other in a Facebook style voting contest. The winning couple is sentenced to awarded with a wedding ceremony on the ledge of the JW Marriott Marquis in Miami.

Following the 'I do's' and the kissing of the bride, the couple will then jump 'over the ledge' and rappel to the ground where friends and family will be waiting.

As if jumping into a marriage wasn't enough to worry about.

"I've rappelled before but it's been years, and never off the side of a 31-story building," said Carlos. "There's definitely going to be some puckering."

The couple never had any plans for a 'traditional' wedding. They were hoping to save their money and take a trip overseas some time next year, but were excited to hear about this opportunity. Carlos received an email from his mother-in-law with the 'Over the Ledge' information, and figured it was the perfect follow-up to his unforgettable proposal.

"We're very different. We can't afford a big wedding, and this is something we can bring people together with."

The winners will be announced on August 24, with the winning couple scheduled to be wed on September 6th. You can vote for the 'IKEA couple' here.

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