Danny Granger Makes Bleacher Report Eat Its Words on Christmas Day

Just two days before Christmas, in one of those delicious stories the internet was built for, the popular website Bleacher Report -- and some guy (from Portland, Oregon!) named Tom Sunnergran, dropped a bomb on Heat small forward Danny Granger.

"Danny Granger's NBA Career Coming to a Swift and Painful Close," read the headline.

Then, on Christmas Day, before a national audience, Granger played a great game and saved the Heat in its most important victory of the year against old teammate LeBron James.

Granger hit four of five from the field, including a clutch three-pointer; scored nine points (seven in the fourth quarter); and pulled down seven rebounds to top the team in its weakest category. He was the critical reason the Heat beat James' new team 101-91 and deserves a bug fat smooch for doing so.

That does not sound like the guy whom Sunnerland on December 23 described as "in the long, sad process of ceasing to be road-worthy." He went on to write: "The Heat are trying to put a happy face on it, but the facts are plain: Any way you slice it, Granger is a shadow of his old, productive self."

Now any columnist can get it wrong, particularly one for Bleacher Report, which, to put it kindly, doesn't pay jack to its writers, but why would you do a story like this two days before Christmas?

It is a time of charity, Mr. Sunnerland. Lighten up!

Granger told the Herald after the game that, "It felt like old times for me. I always put myself in the mindset of all those years when I played on Indiana and made big shots on those fourth quarters, and that's kind of what it felt like [Thursday night]."

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