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David Boden: Rothstein's "Right-Hand Man"?

table lamp." Boden's attorney, David Vinikoor, has denied in news reports that Boden took anything. After moving out of the Castilla house, Boden moved into a condo at Las Olas River House (you know, the big blue building) rumored to be owned by former teen idol David Cassidy.

Bankrutptcy records show that Boden received compensation of $637,874 from RRA last year and $380,404 this year through October. He is currently under investigation by the Florida Bar; one of the allegations is that he practiced law in Florida without a license. Boden is licensed in New York but has reportedly missed the deadline for renewing his license. 

Boden was named as a defendant in the lawsuit filed by attorney Bill Scherer against Rothstein and his associates, claiming they stole hundreds of millions of dollars in the Ponzi scheme. The lawsuit alleges that Boden was Rothstein's "right-hand man" and an "essential participant" in the scheme. Scherer wrote that Boden recruited investors and drafted documents to "induce investors" while at the same time having "actual and/or constructive knowledge that the investments were part of a Ponzi scheme."

Miami attorney Mark Raymond told the media that Boden was Rothstein's "point person" on the structured settlement deals. Vinikoor has told the media that Boden, like other victims, was "deceived" by Rothstein.  

Boden was another Rothstein partner who gave inordinately to political campaigns. In the latter days of the sheriff's race, he was listed as having contributed $70,000 to a political committee backing Scott Israel. RRA's Stuart Rosenfeldt contributed $90,000 to the committee. In June, Boden and his wife, Lori, contributed a total of $9,600 to Florida Gov. Charlie Crist's U.S. Senate campaign (money that Crist is returning).

Boden, for his part, hasn't spoken publicly since the scandal blew up (though he's supposedly made statements in the comments of this blog, there's no evidence those were legitimate). He is rumored to have also been associated with Richard Pearson, president of R.L. Pearson & Associates, which operated as a Rothstein feeder.

Before working for Rothstein, Boden was general counsel for the Plantation-based National Beverage Corp.  

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