David Koch, Billionaire Tea Party Funder, Is in Jeffrey Epstein's Black Book

What does a Republican fundraiser and wealthy oilman have in common with sleazy sex offender Jeffrey Epstein?

Who knows, but it's something worthy of exchanging digits. David Koch, the billionaire Tea Party bankroller, makes an appearance in Epstein's address book.

He joins an illustrious group of celebs now tainted by Epstein's practice of hiring of underaged girls to massage and service him. Former President Bill Clinton and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg also appear in the book, according to the Palm Beach Daily News. Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson have been berated in Britain for their ties to the multimillionaire perv. Hell, even Itzhak Perlman makes a shameful appearance in this little black book.

But Koch, who has a home in Palm Beach, is an especially interesting addition, because

well, aren't Tea Partiers supposed to be wholesome defenders of a mythical moral America?

Until last summer's feisty election season, Koch and his brother Charles were usually able to fly under the media radar. Then the New Yorker outed them as major funders of conservative causes, the "Standard Oil" of our time. More recently, a blogger posing as David Koch prank-called the governor of Wisconsin and recorded the conversation for the amusement of the nation.

Poor Mr. Koch. Being associated with a convicted sex offender isn't going to help his PR cause.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.