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David Wengender Was in Charge of Watching Stepgrandkids, Made Girl "Touch It" Instead

David Wengender, 72, was in charge of watching his two stepgrandchildren while the kids' parents were out of town.

"Grandpa Dave" ended up molesting one of the kids he was supposed to be watching, resulting in his conviction by a jury yesterday.

According to a probable-cause affidavit from the Greenacres Department of Public Safety, Wengender was in charge of taking care of the kids in February 2010 while the children's father and his oldest son were at a NASCAR race in Orlando and their mother on a cruise in Mexico.

The boy Wengender was in charge of called his father around midnight on February 12, 2010, saying that his sister had come out of Wengender's room crying, and his sister said Wengender had forced her to "touch him down below," according to the cops.

The young man also told his father he heard his stepgrandfather tell his sister that she "didn't have to do it anymore" and "don't tell anyone," the report says.

That's when the cops got involved, and the little girl told police that there were two incidents in the two days Wengender was in charge of watching her and her brother, which started with Wengender making the girl touch his penis and taking a full-on nude shower with the girl, according to police.

Then, Wengender had the girl get in bed with him and made her "touch it," the report says.

The girl told police Wengender also put his hand inside of her pants, the cops say.

Wengender's version of events to police was that he and his stepgranddaughter were "kissing back and forth a little bit" and that "he 'could have' or 'might have' directed her hand onto his penis," the report states.

He later told police he "feels sorry for [redacted] and everyone else involved."

Wengender was convicted by a jury on two counts of lewd or lascivious molestation and faces a maximum of life in prison on both counts at his sentencing, which has not yet been scheduled, according to the Palm Beach State Attorney's Office.

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