DCF Investigator: I'm Not Allowed To Work On Weekends

One 10-year-old girl, Nubia Doctor, was killed in horrific fashion. Her twin brother Victor is fighting for his life in the hospital, suffering from chemical burns and broken bones.

The suspect is their adoptive father, foster parent Jorge Barahona, who was found unconscious beside his pest control truck on I-95 in Palm Beach County. Inside the truck was the horribly injured boy and his sister's body, which was doused in chemicals.    Barahona isn't the only villain in this crime. The state Department of Children and Families once again failed in tragic fashion to do its job.

There were at least two complaints indicating that the twins were being abused in the Barahona home, one that came anonymously through a hotline and another that came from a six-year-old granddaughter, Alessandra Perez, who sometimes stayed at the Barahona home and told her therapist the truth about the treatment of Nubia and Victor despite being told that it was a secret.

Between the two reports, DCF learned that Nubia and Victor had been kept trapped in a bathtub, forced to stand in garbage bins, and that Nubia had been so hungry she had stolen food, that she was anxious and nervous, and that she was losing her hair. 

When the agency investigated on Thursday and Friday, they couldn't find either child or Jorge Barahona, according to testimony in a court hearing in the case yesterday. Barahona's wife, Carmen, was of no help and shooed away an adoptive 11-year-old autistic son who tried to say something to the investigator, Andrea Fleary.

The disappearance and obstruction by the mother should have raised huge alarm bells. Instead, Fleary knocked off at 9 p.m. on Friday, according to court testimony.

"I'm not allowed to do an investigation on a weekend," Fleary told the judge.

The gruesome crime scene along I-95 was discovered on Monday morning.

Inside see Sentinel video of the court hearing.


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