Dead Dogs in the Freezer

Ever commit to something and realize, too late, that you're utterly unequipped to follow through?

It's a terrible feeling and one to which Debra Van Oort is apparently no stranger. Two months ago, Van Oort opened a pet store called Forever Puppies in Lantana. The store has not been a success, to put it mildly. Debra Van Oort is in the pokey right now, according to the Palm Beach Post, because of failure to pay for a couple of puppies. Unfortunately, failure to pay for puppies may be the least of Oort's difficulties. At this moment, law enforcement is much more interested in the several dead animals found Monday in the shop and the five dead dogs found in the lady's home kitchen.

For months, Forever Puppies' neighbors have complained of the smells wafting into their establishments through the air conditioning vents. Now we know why. When Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control raided Oort's store and apartment on Monday, they confronted a horror show: dirty, sick, starved, and thirsty animals in various states of almost-deadness. According to the Post, only a single animal, a hedgehog, was receiving regular food and water.

It appears that the deceased animals died of thirst and malnutrition.

Read the full story here.

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