Deadline Day Dramatics in Broward Judicial Races

Noon today was the deadline for filing to be on Florida ballots, leading to some last-minute jockeying in the Broward judicial races. Broward Circuit Court Judge Lee Seidman -- facing three challengers in his reelection bid -- opted out of that race. But he didn't do so to run against Judge Susan Lebow, as was widely expected.

Rather, the announced resignation of decision by Judge Cheryl Aleman not to file qualifying papers convinced Seidman to file in that race, where he will face Sandra Perlman, an assistant public defender.

Lebow would seem a very vulnerable incumbent if only for the outrage that came after she dismissed a death-row murder case this past February. But Lebow is formidable thanks to her support among criminal defense attorneys, who will fill her campaign purse.


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