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Details on Slain Teacher's Alleged Sexual Assault

The morning he was shot and killed, L.C. Swain Middle School special-ed teacher Calvin Williams, 41, allegedly showed up drunk at a lover's house, looking for a hookup.

Between 1 and 2:30 a.m. on May 14, Williams invited Lawrence Hunt, 20, back to his apartment in Riviera Beach, according to a probable-cause affidavit written by Riviera Beach police detective Jennifer Nubin. Hunt told police that he and Williams first met in a park and had been having oral sex since Hunt was 18.

That morning, though, Hunt was angry. When they got to Williams' place, he confronted the teacher, saying the word on the street was that Williams had HIV. Hunt pointed out the pill bottles that he could see in the room.

Williams ignored him and kept asking for a blowjob, Hunt told police. The men

started shoving and pushing each other, and Hunt tried to leave. As he reached the door, Williams grabbed him in a bear hug and pushed him onto the bed.

"Are you trying to rape me?" Hunt demanded, according to the affidavit. "I know you got that shit. What are you trying to do, give it to me?

Williams climbed onto Hunt and tried to pull off his shorts, announcing, "I'm a get that ass."

"Get the fuck back," Hunt shouted. As they struggled, Hunt reached into his pocket and pulled out a .38-caliber gun.

The first shot made Williams collapse in horror, staring at his stomach. Hunt pulled the trigger again, striking his lover in the head.

Hunt told police that he stayed and watched Williams bleed for a minute. Then he picked up the shell casings, along with WIlliams' cell phone, and fled.

When a detective later asked why Hunt brought the gun to Williams' house, his answer was troubling. "Lawrence stated that he thought about killing Williams, but he then realized he couldn't do that, but brought the gun anyway," the affidavit says

Why was Hunt considering killing Williams before the alleged rape attempt? Was he worried he was already infected with HIV? Was he angry for other reasons?

Hunt is now in the Palm Beach County Jail, held without bail on a second-degree murder charge. He's the second person to have accused Williams of unwanted sexual advances. To learn more about a student who alleged Williams exposed himself to him five years ago, click here.

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