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Did Bruce Springsteen Have a Wellington Gym Bunny Too?

Bruce Springsteen may have been born to run, but he must have mumbled the lyrics about the treadmill fetish. Over the weekend, the 60-year-old Wellington resident was named "the other man" in a New Jersey divorce, the female party whom Springsteen allegedly seduced at the gym by complimenting her, ahem, rear assets. When a witness told Ann Kelley's husband, Arthur, that Ann and Springsteen were kissing in the gym parking lot, Arthur filed for divorce, the New York Post reports.

Not only is Springsteen not a one-woman man (he's married to singer Patti Scialfa) but he's not a one-gym kind of guy either. When in Wellington, the Boss likes to pump iron at Ultima Fitness on Forest Hill Boulevard, and apparently, he may be breaking hearts there too. A comment scoffs in a blog post detailing a romantic night out for Bruce and Patti three months ago, "Happily married until he's at Ultima Fitness in Wellington trying to pick up every woman in the place. The guy is a

charlatan with an ego the size of Texas."

Looking to root out any truth to the rumors (mostly just hoping Springsteen would wink at me), I scouted out Ultima this morning. General Manager David Gould confirmed that Springsteen was a member, then, remembering that I was a reporter, said he had to call his legal representation. After a phone call, he blurted out "No comment" and all but chucked me out a window.

Bonnie Koos, 44, decided to talk, likely deciding the aerodynamics were not in her favor for a window toss. She's seen Springsteen at Ultima twice in the past year. "The second time, I went up and talked to him. I said that I just wanted to meet him and tell him that he did really well during the Super Bowl [halftime show], and that was it. He said, 'Thank you.'"

Neither time did she see Springsteen giving any females flirtatious attention, but she said that "everybody was going up and talking to him, women and men" and that "you don't really recognize him. He had a ski cap on his head." No word yet on whether that's the E Street Band in ski masks by the locker room.

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