Did Dalia Dippolito Receive a Fair Sentence?

Dalia Dippolito -- the Boynton Beach escort/newlywed convicted of trying to hire an undercover cop to kill her husband -- was sentenced to 20 years in prison Thursday.

Circuit Judge Jeffrey Colbath called her plot "pure evil" and said she was taking advantage of her husband, Michael, "a guy that was gullible."

Dippolito's family gave tear-filled testimony to the court about Dippolito's past and character, but Colbath wasn't impressed.

"I haven't heard an ounce of remorse," Colbath said. "It was astonishing the cold-blooded denial that you're willing to go to in order to avoid the obvious."

Her husband, Michael, also contributed some bizarre testimony, including saying he felt "shit on" in court.

Michael complained about his own criminal problems -- he's still on probation and owes $191,000 in restitution from a telemarketing fraud -- but said that Dalia "doesn't feel sorry for anything."

Eventually, Colbath handed down the sentence of 20 years in prison -- ten fewer years than the maximum.

We want to hear from you: Did Dippolito receive a fair sentence in her failed murder-for-hire plot?

Cast your vote below:

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