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Did The Miami Herald Bust Jason Taylor?

JT and Katina

You've probably seen the little reports in the three Big Papers about NFL All-Pro defensive end Jason Taylor's marriage split. And you haven't really gotten a clue as to what prompted his wife, Katina Taylor, to file for divorce in Broward County court.

Well it seems the Miami Herald itself may have helped trigger an end to the football star's marital bliss. The drama centers around a seemingly benign piece by gossip columnist Lesley Abravanel that was published this past September 6. Check out this extract from Brett Sokol's piece, "Inside Miami's Gossip Industry," which ran in the June 2006 issue of Ocean Drive:

"However, even the most innocuous mention in Abravanel's Herald column can still cause problems. Describing a Jamie Foxx-hosted Red Cross benefit for Hurricane Katrina victims, Abravanel noted Miami Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor and his wife, Katina, among the guests in attendance. Except the attractive woman in question wasn't Taylor's wife -- she turned out to be at home that evening, pregnant, resting, and apparently with a few questions of her own after reading the next morning's Herald."

The implication is clear, and it's coming from Abravanel. And if Taylor was callous enough to take a girlfriend to a public event like that (Paris Hilton, Jon Secada, Colin Farrell, and Shaq were among other celebrities in attendance), he deserved to have been found out. Especially since his wife is the sister of his buddy and fellow NFL star Zach Thomas.

But hey, this could have all been a misunderstanding. Maybe the woman was JT's, um, cousin, yeah, that's it. It just doesn't look like it. Guess we'll just have to wait for the Herald to print that long overdue correction to find out the truth.

And another thing ...

As long as we're on sports, I'll go ahead and says that I'm a lifelong National League guy. But I didn't mind so much seeing the NL go down last night in the All-Star game. Why? Because the team's manager, Phil Garner, didn't deserve to win the game. Why? Because he didn't let Miguel Cabrera get a single at-bat. Here's a young phenom, a World Series champion, the fourth best batter in the league, and he doesn't get an AB? I know Met's third baseman David Wright has had a great half and all, but give us a break. It was a crime -- and it might have helped the American League steal the game.

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