Discount Airline Selling Standing Room Only Tickets -- and It's Not Spirit?

Someone in the Miramar headquarters of Spirit has probably been told to pack their things and get the hell out, because he or she did not think of what Ryanair has thunk: We can sell tickets to people willing to stand through a flight -- and also we can charge them for using the toilet!

I have been critical of Spirit Air's profit-boosting tactics, but I actually like these ideas. I'll explain why after the jump.

As someone with low self-esteem who always flies coach, I look forward to the opportunity to look down my nose at a passenger who's cheaper than me. They have to just stand there and take it!

Also, as someone who often buys his tickets late and thus gets stuck in the last seat, I applaud anything that reduces passenger traffic to the crapper. I mean, you people sat in a terminal for 90 minutes before the flight, but you only remembered you had to go the bathroom now that we're 35,000 feet in the air?

Finally, the Mile-High Club is the grossest club on the planet. And charging people before they hit the loo seems like it'll make it easier to police this.

[Hat tip: Gawker]

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