Disney World Guest Brings Loaded Gun Onto Ride

Its important to remember when you get onto a Disney World ride that you should secure your belongings.

People have all sorts of objects fall out of their pockets on those bumpy rides.

You know: Car keys, cell phones, Cobra .380-caliber semiautomatic hand cannons.

That sort of stuff.

One grandmother riding on Animal Kingdom's dinosaur ride found herself a loaded handgun on her seat that had been left by the previous occupant.

"My grandma found it in her seat," her grandson said.

According to an Orange County Sheriff's Office incident report, Angelo Lista, 44, of Royal Palm Beach, lost his Cobra .380-caliber semiautomatic pistol when it fell out of his back pocket during the bumpy dinosaur ride.

The gun reportedly was loaded with five hollow point bullets.

When the grandmother discovered the gun, she turned it over to park officials. Lista claimed the gun later in what was probably one helluva lost & found search.

Wallet... watch... keys...teddy bear... Ah-ha! Hand gun with hollow points! GOT IT!

According to the report, Lista had a valid Florida concealed weapons permit, because FLORIDA!

He also apparently told authorities he didn't realize realize he was supposed to notify Disney security he was bringing a semiautomatic pistol into a theme park.

Lista also told officials that he was under the impression that the bag check areas before one enters the park were more for bombs than, you know, hand guns.

He said he wasn't aware guests were not allowed to bring guns into the park where folks take their children on rides and meet people dressed up like cartoon characters and buy mouse-head shaped balloons.

Lista also claimed that he saw no signs posted saying "no handguns," because Disney should really be specific about that stuff.

He was reportedly apologetic about the incident, but Disney officials asked him to leave the park for the day.

He was escorted to his car by deputies. No arrest was made.

According to Disney spokeswoman Kathleen Prihoda, the park does have a clear no guns or weapons of any kind policy, which is posted on their website. BUT WHO HAS TIME TO READ THE INTERNET? I'M JUST GONNA ASSUME THAT BRINGING MY LOADED SEMIAUTOMATIC GUN TO SEE MICKEY IS COOL!

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