Do Not Mention "Perennial" Around Andy Martin

Here's a radio interview that must be heard to be believed: That's Andy Martin, who used to be a constantly campaigning candidate in Palm Beach County and has since taken his constant campaigning to Illinois, where he's a candidate for U.S. Senate.

As you can hear for yourself, the interview jumps the tracks immediately, after the host introduces Martin as a "perennial candidate." That's an "epithet," according to Martin. As his website makes clear, he is to be introduced by any of the following:

  • "Fearless Internet Powerhouse"
  • "Indefatigable Public Interest Litigator"
  • "Radio Talk Show Host With an International Audience on the Internet"
  • "Investigative Reporter"
  • "Corruption Fighter"

After the radio host failed to use one of those introductions, Martin had little choice but to accuse that host of being an "arrogant twit," an "idiot," and to compare that host's brain cells to those found in a slug.

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