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Dog With $20,000 Wardrobe Keeps Economy Alive

Gail Posner, a Miami resident, is said to have inherited $100 million from her late father's estate. She was a generous supporter of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign. But she may be best-known as mom to a famous chihuahua, Conchita. The posh pup likes to model her $20,000 wardrobe (including a wig) and has walked the red carpet at events alongside celebrities such as Brooke Hogan and Alonzo Mourning. When we heard that Posner was about to buy Conchita her very own Range Rover (hope for the ailing auto industry!), we had questions.

What made you choose Conchita?
When I saw her, I fell in love. She weighed less than one pound at the time. I didn't choose Conchita; Conchita chose me.

Please describe a normal day for you and Conchita.
We get up, we will often go to lunch, and then shopping. Conchita loves to shop. Depending on her mood, we may hit some stores for shopping after. She is a big fan of bebe.

What are Conchita's cutest habits? Does she have any bad ones?

Her only bad habit is that she bullies her sisters (April Maria, a Maltese, and Lucia, a Yorkshire Terrier). She has several cute habits, from excitement at seeing friends, to her bedtime ritual of putting on her cashmere sweater. With a dog that is less than 1 lb 4 oz, yet acts like a Great Dane, the day-to-day is always a surprise and always has you laughing.

I read that she has to watch Spanish-language soap operas every night, or else she bites her nanny. Is that true?
She is not really into soaps anymore.

And why is she getting her own Range Rover? What color does she want?
We actually have made the decision not to get her the Range Rover. Instead, I got a new car and gave her the Escalade. She, along with her two sisters, gets driven in it to and from their weekly puppy spa appointment, where they get manis and pedis. The Escalade is gold.

Let's talk about Conchita's wardrobe.
She has a very nice wardrobe. She rarely wears the same thing twice. She only wears the wig for the occasional photo shoot - it spices her look up. [She wears] a Tiffany's diamond/gold collar that she received last year for Christmas.

What's your favorite place to shop for her?
The Dog Bar. 

How many staff does she have?
Posner: About ten people.

Has the current economic recession had any effect on your spending habits?
I have always been careful with my spending and therefore I haven't had to change my lifestyle much.

Can you tell us about your charitable causes? What do you look for when choosing a charity to make donations to? 
I donate a lot to animal foundations. I just see what's happening and what captures my attention and then I donate. I not only donate my money, but my passion to the cause. Animal-based charities are probably my biggest philanthropic endeavor.

In addition to taking care of Conchita, and your philanthropic causes, do you have any pursuits such as business ventures or other projects?
I am very close to launching my match-your-pet company that will allow mommy and puppy to share the same outfits. All items will be hand-sewn and made to order.

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