Donald Trump and Michelle Malkin Are Twitter Beefin'

Ah Twitter. It's the place you go to tell your followers what you're having for lunch, how you feel about the latest episode of Walking Dead, and get into arguments with total strangers about mundane, arbitrary crap.

It's also the place to see celebrities and famous people act like middle school kids and angrily say rude things to and about each other.

Such is the case with Donald Trump and conservative famous person Michelle Malkin.


The brouhaha began when Malkin's site Twitchy, -- which calls itself a Twitter aggregator, but is just another place to shit on Obama and Democrats, in general -- called Trump a "conservafraud."

Because he's not a real conservative because he doesn't totally hate all Librullz, and doesn't hate all Librull agendaz you see.

Turns out, Trump once called Malkin a "dummy," which is sooo Trump and, as Autheservative Malkin says, once "smeared her past."

So, shots fired and stuff.

The following then unfolded on the twitterverse:

Twitter is fantastic. 

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