Donald Trump Blames Charlie Hebdo Victims on France's Strict Gun Laws

Donald Trump Blames Charlie Hebdo Victims on France's Strict Gun Laws

Donald Trump says the Charlie Hebdo tragedy could probably have been avoided if the cartoonists who were shot down had been allowed to own guns. If France wasn't so strict with its gun laws, The Donald says, the victims would at least have had a fighting chance.

As he usually does, Trump shared his undaunted wisdom over the Charlie Hebdo attack on Twitter. While the rest of the world paid tribute to the victims with hashtags and photos of the French magazine's cartoons, Trump, as he is wont to do, took an alternate route and offered the solution that the answer to gun violence is to have more guns. See also: Donald Trump Keeps Blaming Obama for Ferguson Rioting

While the social media outlet is where he goes to blame all the world's troubles on Obama and retweet the troglodytic horde that wants him to run for president, what makes Trump's Twitter feed so special is his ability to get into a topic without any real perspective. Gun laws are, of course, a big topic to Republicans like Trump. So the needless murder of 12 journalists by AK-47-toting men is the perfect time to push that agenda.

Still, as usually the case, the majority of those who see Trump's diatribes call him out on it.

According to the Daily Mail, tweeters called Trump a moron 38 times in the first replies to his Hebdo tweets. Another 44 called him stupid, while 80 went with "idiot."

Then there tweets guys like this:

And this:

As per usual, Trump didn't respond to any of the criticism. Instead, he retweeted people who said they can't wait to vote for him in 2016.

And here's the real kicker: Gun laws in France? Not as restrictive as Trump seems to think they are.

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