Donald Trump Has Key to the City of Doral Rescinded

Residents of the City of Doral in Miami have come to the conclusion that Donald Trump is not a great person and have asked their mayor to rescind an offer of giving him the key to the city.

And the mayor has done just that.

Trump had been offered the key to the city in honor of bringing the Miss Universe pageant to Doral. But residents bombarded Mayor Luigi Boria with calls, asking him to not honor "The Donald." Boria went with the will of the people and is taking back the honor.

In a sort of delicious twist of irony, the city's residents are upset over the way Trump's golf course has become a detriment to the area, much like airplanes flying over his home in Palm Beach has been a detriment to him.

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Trump is currently suing Palm Beach County, complaining that planes that fly over his home from the airport have been a major nuisance.

Likewise, Trump's Doral golf course has been a nuisance to the residents of the city, saying it has become an eyesore in the community. Residents are also upset that the City of Doral is spending money on Trump's pageant instead of investing it on fixing roads and schools.

Boria says he's rescinding the offer of the key to Trump himself but will be giving it instead to the pageant.

"Trump doesn't deserve my key," Boria said, via the Miami Herald. "I think it's appropriate for Miss Universe and the Miss Universe organization to have the key. It doesn't make sense for Trump to have one."

One City Council member thinks Trump deserves the key.

"Trump is someone who has invested $300 million in our community," said Pete Cabrera, who says he'll ultimately support whatever decision the mayor makes.

But another resident, Claudia Sparango Mariaca, seems to speak for the majority of the residents of Doral.

"Keys to the city should be reserved to be given to dignitaries and people of high importance, not to businessmen that benefit from our city," she said, according to the Herald. "Giving the Trump organization or the Miss Universe organization a key at this time when there is so much controversy in our city would be a mistake and a disloyal move from our council."

For his part, Trump has yet to tweet out his thoughts on the issue. But you never know.

Instead, he's busy retweeting people who want him to run for president on 2016 and is still saying ridiculous things about the Charlie Hebdo incident in Paris.

Last week, Trump suggested that the Hebdo tragedy could have been avoided if France didn't have such strict gun laws.

The Miss Universe Pageant takes place January 25.

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