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Donald Trump Is Harassing Rapper Mac Miller on Twitter Over His Song "Donald Trump"

Apparently, there's a rap song out there called "Donald Trump," and apparently the actual Donald Trump isn't happy about it.

So, as he does with everything he is unhappy about -- Obama, the girl from Twilight cheating on her boyfriend, starting a revolution because people voted for Obama over Romney -- Trump has taken to Twitter to bitch at the rapper who performs the song by calling him an "ungrateful dog" and with threats of a lawsuit.

The song, performed by rapper Mac Miller, basically talks about how the artist wants to be like Trump because he's superrich and everything.

Lyrics in the song include lines like, "Take over the world when I'm on my Donald Trump shit/Look at all this money, ain't that some shit?"

Weirdly enough, when the song became an internet hit in August 2011, Trump publicly praised the song and called Miller "the next Eminem."

(Because Miller is white and raps, you see.)

But on Thursday, Trump apparently had a change of heart and tells Miller via the Twitter that his name was used illegally.

Trump unleashed three separate tweets, each starting with the condescending "Little @MacMiller..."

But it appears that Trump has a weak case here, since the song does not slander Trump in any way (in fact, it praises him), and because song titles with famous people's names on them generally don't have a high success rate for the person suing the artist. And also the fact the whole thing is really stupid.

Miller has yet to respond, and there's an underlying feeling that this whole thing is some kind of publicity stunt, because Trump is a narcissistic dipshit like that.

But that's just us.

Either way, just another day in the life of Trump acting like a preteen girl on Twitter.


Ain't that some shit.

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