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Donald Trump Super Important on Internet, According to PeekYou; Vanilla Ice as Important as Allen West

There's a website to rate and rank everything these days. You can rate professors, fecal mater, boobs, dicks, ex-girlfriends, piles of vomit, funny pictures, mullets, Mustangs, and pretty much anything else you would be compelled to sit in judgment of. 

Now there's a new website, PeekYou, that ranks how important people are based on their internet presence. Naturally, we plugged in some local yokels to see how they stacked up. 

Donald Trump pulled an impressive  "PeekScore" of 9.97 out of 10, edging out Rush Limbaugh, who scored 9.53. 

Interestingly, Rep. Allen West and Vanilla Ice have the exact same score,  7.01. Hopefully this tie sparks some type of epic popularity contest between the two, pitting loyal Tea Party folks against juggalos and home renovators. 

Only about 100 people have a perfect score of 10, says founder Michael Hussey, and they're the usual suspects when it comes to being wildly popular: President Obama, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber. 

The score is based on 20 metrics that combine to form what Hussey dubs an "individual's digital footprint." Things like Twitter followers, Facebook fans, and references in news articles are all accounted for.  

The average American has a score of 1, which is what our intrepid news blogger Rich Abdill scored. Sorry you're not more important, Rich. 

While it's fun -- or petty, depending on whom you ask -- assigning scores and judging people based on how popular the internet says they are, PeekYou does provide a useful service by making it remarkably easy to find all the social media accounts, blogs, and select public records of a given person. 

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