Eight Dumb Florida Pot Arrests to Celebrate 4/20

With 4/20 coming this weekend, chances are some of your friends are going to be all, "Woo hoo! 4/20, bro! Let's smoke!"

And that's fine, bro. But keep in mind that, while 4/20 is officially pot day, it doesn't mean it's legal to smoke it for one day. As it stands, you can still get busted in Florida for pot on 4/20.

Of course, 4/20 does open the door for discussion. And we don't mean the kind of discussion about how we might all be living in a universe that is just a speck of dirt on some enormous being's fingernail.

We mean, the kind of discussion about how the powers that be need to just relax on marijuana laws and lift the prohibition already.

Lots of people are getting in trouble with the law over pot for some dumb reasons. That means people who really aren't evil, hardened criminals are getting arrested, which means our tax dollars are being wasted on frivolous things.

Here is a list of eight dumb arrests where pot was involved. Some are idiotic, but some are actually pretty serious. And this is just in the past couple of years. So when you toke up on 4/20, think of these people. Also, don't get arrested yourself.

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Chris Joseph
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