Fallout from Mayoral Snub Burning Noland

Somebody's lying in Deerfield Beach.

-- I'm afraid I may have jinxed the Marlins with a mention on Monday. Since then they've dropped two in a row to the lowly Nationals. But I'm not alone among South Florida media that may have failed the team. When I hear team broadcasters Tommy Hutton and Rich Waltz complain about the play the team gets in local newspapers, I have to agree. The papers play the Marlins way down on the sports front or, more often in the case of the Sentinel, on page 3B with a tease on the front. Tuesday night, Hutton got riled up about this and talked about how the wins over the Cubs were overshadowed in the newspaper about Dolphins football camp.

"I'll give you this, you might even be surprised at this, I'll give you a big wins over the Jets maybe, late in the season, may be precedent over Marlins win," Hutton said. "But the first day of camp? Oh geez!"

"I know, I mean, if Allen Iverson was here, he'd say, "You're talking about practice," chimed in Waltz.  

I have to agree. I know the Dolphins get ten times the web hits the Marlins do (or something like that) but a thriller against the Cubs is bigger news in South Florida than a report from summer camp.

-- John de Groot opines that Sun-Sentinel "consumer affairs columnist" (whatever that is) Daniel Vasquez has no business writing anything about the housing market.

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