Family Claims Body of 1983 Murder Victim

In 1983, a female body was found in a vacant field in Pompano Beach. But no family had reported the woman missing. It wasn't till 2008 that the fingerprints were matched to those of a young woman who had multiple arrests in Broward County: Tina Moore. Or at least that was the name she had given police, who also documented an alias, Mary Ann Lambert. And that turned out to be her actual name, according to a release by the Broward Sheriff's Office.

Lambert's surviving brother, a California resident, identified Mary Ann Lambert from a photo on BSO's Found and Forgotten page. The BSO release describes how Lambert was raised in Brooklyn but became adventurous as a young woman in Florida.

As she got older, it was common for her to go off on her own, roving between New York and Florida. So when her family didn't hear from her for a few months, they just waited, never reported her missing, and hoped she'd reappear.

More from the release, and a family photo after the jump.

"This is exactly why we created 'Found & Forgotten' - to bring solace to families who are missing loved ones," Sheriff Al Lamberti said. "I send my condolences to the family of Mary Ann Lambert, and I'm looking forward to my detectives finding the person responsible for her death."

Detectives now know Lambert lived at 1811 N.W. 2nd Terr., Pompano Beach, seven blocks away from where her body was found, and that she also associated with two adult dancers at a gentlemen's club called Cheetah III in Pompano Beach. One had a stage name of "Snow" and the other was "Dawn." Mary Lambert and Dawn may have shared an apartment in Lighthouse Point. Anyone with information about "Mary Ann Lambert", these two women or the case can call Det. Scott Champagne at (954) 321-4210 or report it to Crime Stoppers at (954) 493-TIPS or online at browardcrimestoppers.org.

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