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Fate Has Been Kind: People Who Should Be Dead (but Aren't)

Assuming that Christians are right about life -- that we live because God has a "plan" for us -- then why did he construct miracles to preserve the lives of some of the most reckless and self-destructive people on the planet? Why are some people able to cheat death?

God hasn't bothered to send an angel with the answer (though if he does, I'll update this post), so we're on our own. Let's take a close look at these death cheaters and see if we can figure out God's plan for them. We'll start with the guy who survived a somersaulting car crash on I-95 in Fort Lauderdale this weekend: 

Dennis Rodman

Why he should be dead: Because when your car's tire blows out, causing it to flip and then roll,

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Thomas Francis