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FAU Professor James Tracy Suggests Paris ISIS Attacks Were a False Flag

A true star among the internet's crank-o-sphere, Florida Atlantic University Professor James Tracy has never missed the opportunity to poke holes in public tragedy. When Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012, leaving 16 students and teachers dead, Tracy earned the ire of the internet by questioning whether the murders even really happened.

Since then, questioning mass tragedy and dead innocents has been his MO, and, yup, you won't be surprised to learn the professor is up to his old tricks again in response to Friday's massacre in Paris. 

But first, a quick rundown of Tracy's greatest hits. Since Sandy Hook, the professor has hosted conspiracy theories at his websites, and Among his ideas: that the Boston Bombings were the work of the government, that the Navy Shipyards shootings were a staged stunt, and that Ferguson, Missouri, was a manufactured media crisis. 

Tracy didn't wait long to jump into action on Paris. His websites are already featuring a number of  guest posts and rants from contributors questioning the truth of the "official version" of the Paris murders. 

"IS IT REAL?-Paris Attacks Mastermind Named; French PM Knew “Operations Were Being Prepared” From Syria," is a guest post that originally appeared in some publication call the International Reporter. "Busted: Totally Proven Beyond All Doubt: The French Government Staged the Attacks," a guest post penned by someone named Jim Stone says, laying out the theory about why the event was staged.

According to this thinking, the fate of an American college student, Nohemi Gonzalez, has exposed a larger conspiracy: The student's parents allegedly spoke to her boyfriend who confirmed her safety after the shooting... only to later learn she was among the dead. The conspiracy-minded say this is proof the victims were actually killed by French authorities. "9 Reasons to Question the Paris Terror Attacks," is another. You get the picture. 

It would seem like a fair point to say that all this is "too soon." But then again, Tracy seems to be trying to milk the outrage for everything he can get — per usual.
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