Five Coolest Amenities From the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

A fleet of the finest and fastest boats descended upon Fort Lauderdale this weekend for the 56th-annual boat show. Boat aficionados from all over the world tussled their way through heavy traffic to see this year's lineup. Then, slipping their shoes on and off, they paraded through the docks, checking out the latest models. From inflatables to multimillion-dollar yachts, there was every kind of boat imaginable. These are five of the coolest amenities found on them.

1. Sunsation's sunbathing roof deck

Like most powerboats, the Sunsation 32CCX was built with a roof to shade the driver. From afar, its roof looks like every other. But manager Jeff Riehl invited us to take off our shoes and climb to the top. The roof is padded and designed to double as a sunbathing deck.

2. Formula 382's two 700 horsepower engines

Before even spotting the engines, the Formula 382 looks fast. Its sleek design and racing stripes suggest it was made for speed. But Captain Marco Resh assured us that our instincts were wrong. Resh popped open the back and revealed two massive and shiny blue engines. He says it can safely and comfortably go 93 miles per hour.

3. Sunsation's 44CCX's sound system

This boat comes equipped with 27 speakers. Music roars through every crevice, and considering that water amplifies sound, this boat can sound like its own self-contained concert. “This boat rocks on the bay and would put any other boat to shame,” Riehl assured us.

4. Moari: “The rich man's dinghy”

This shiny black vessel and plush red upholstery make this boat look like it came off the set of a James Bond movie. We were told it was designed to be a “toy” for the man with everything —  a mere dinghy to accompany a multimillion-dollar yacht.

5. The hydraulics on the Maiora

Everything about this $4 million yacht is amazing. It even comes equipped with two washing machines. The ceramic sinks are custom-designed and look like they could be displayed in a museum. There is even a backlit onyx bar. 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.