Dr. Joshua Perper
Dr. Joshua Perper

Flaming Dr. Perper: Business Booming for Broward Medical Examiner

When a celebrity gets a toe tag, Dr. Joshua Perper clears his throat for the inevitable talk-show appearance. The Broward medical examiner was catapulted to fame during the Anna Nicole Smith investigation, and now that prescription drug overdoses are slaying celebrities, Perper's become a go-to guy.

A frequent guest on Nancy Grace's show, Perper has a knack for squeezing his qualifications into his quotes, like this one from yesterday's story on E! Online:

"Like Anna Nicole, my expectation in [Michael] Jackson's case is that the toxicology would show a combination of drugs, where propofol will be present," the pathologist and author of the upcoming book When Doctors Kill told E! News.

And yes, he's persuaded his media contacts to plug his upcoming book. Synergy!


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