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Florida Google Searched "Concealed Weapons Permit" More Than Any Other State in 2015

Out of the 50 states and Washington, D.C., Florida Googled the term "Concealed guns permit" more than any other. This, according to real estate blog Estately. Florida was also apparently very interested in Donald Trump's net worth and the prices of homes in 2015.

Indeed, concealed gun permits have always been a big deal in the Sunshine State. In 2012, Florida cracked the number-one spot for being the state with the most concealed-weapons permits in the United States, and at the beginning of this year, a bill was introduced by Rep. Greg Steube for the state Legislature to allow concealed weapons to be carried on Florida's college campuses. 

There was even a bill introduced that would eliminate concealed weapons altogether if passed, because then it would be legal to carry firearms in the open.

Floridians love them their guns. So much so that Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel was attacked online by gun advocates when he expressed concern on Facebook over both the bills described above.

And, according to Estately's aggregated results of an entire year of Googling in 2015, Florida remains gung-ho about concealed guns more than any other state.

A quick search via Google trends for 2015 reveals that Idaho actually edges out Florida, but not by much.

Sill, Florida does lead the country in the search term "Obamacare."

Florida also searched "Marco Rubio" more than any other state. Whether to see where he is in the polls, or to figure out who exactly he is, we'll never know. 

Floridians were also apparently interested in Donald Trump's net worth. It's important to know how much he makes if we're going to vote for him, we suppose.

According to Estately, here are all the Google terms most searched by Florida this year:

Marco Rubio (presidential candidate)
Concealed weapons permit
Trump net worth
House prices
You can see the entire list here.
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