Florida Loses 636 Private-Sector Jobs During Rick Scott's Vacation to Canada

While we were busy adding up all of those jobs Gov. Rick Scott brought from Canada to Florida during his "trade mission" last week -- zero -- big layoffs were taking place across the state.

Now, aside from slaughtering government jobs from the state budget, private businesses are making firings too -- which doesn't seem to be going toward the seven-year, 700,000-new-jobs ideal Scott touted.

Frank Cerabino of the Palm Beach Post took a look at the homefront while Scott was showing his cowboy boots off to the mayor of Toronto:

It seems that Scott's job-creation claims are tentative, at best.

If you're looking for some bigger, and more concrete numbers, consider this list:

Angstrom Graphics, in Hollywood (161 jobs); Hometown America, in various state locations (182 jobs); Brandon Honda in Tampa (94 jobs); Emeril's restaurant in Miami Beach (62 jobs); Kaplan University in Fort Lauderdale (137 jobs).

These were the layoffs announced by Florida companies during the week that Scott was on his Canadian victory tour.


Not only is it pretty clear that Scott's idea of jobs creation involves not only the inability to create new jobs but also being completely ignorant to the fact that several Florida businesses are going down the crapper right under his nose.

Don't forget that Scott already has his next vacation planned, as he's using the guise of "trade mission" to head to Brazil in October.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in South Florida.