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Florida Man With "Inhuman Strength" Goes on Violent Rampage in Palm Beach Supermarket

A man went on a violent rampage at a Greenacres grocery store, fighting off police officers with what they say was an "inhuman strength" and shouting that he wanted food.

Officers even tried Tasering him, but that did little to subdue the man, who was described as having veins bulging out of the sides of his neck during his state of excited delirium.

According to a Greenacres Police report, the man even lifted a woman off the ground and began choking her.

It took a team of police officers to finally tackle and take the man down, according to the report.

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The man, Noel Torres, 35, of Lake Worth, entered the Monterray Supermarket, located at the 5100 block of Lake Worth Road, on Thursday and became immediately combative.

Torres reportedly began terrorizing the supermarket, and police were called.

When officers arrived, they found Torres on the ground, screaming, "Food! I want food!" according to the report.

That's when officers confronted Torres, only to be met by a crazed man with superhuman strength. As a final resort, police tried to use a Taser on him, to no avail.

After police finally subdued Torres, he was taken to a nearby hospital, where he reportedly pleaded with one officer to kill him because he was a bad person, according to wptv.com.

This would seem like yet another case of a person going on a crazed rampage of delirium and superhuman strength. Just this past February, police were called in to deal with two separate incidents involving a man injuring others and wreaking havoc with superhuman strength.

In the first incident, Palm Beach Police were called to the scene where a man attacked and bit into an 18-year-old man's face before turning on and severely injuring a retired police officer.

In this instance, the use of a Taser was also unsuccessful, and police were forced to shoot and kill the man.

In the second incident, only five days later, Palm Beach Sheriff's Office deputies found themselves having to try to detain a naked erratic man who not only acted violently but was also nearly impossible to take down. This time around, a 17-year-old male who had attacked another teen and went on a violent naked rampage toward the responding officers.

The teen stood his ground and attacked the officers with a clock while yelling random things and was in a heightened, frenzied state. The teen fought off cops and even punched a police dog.

He was finally subdued when an officer Tasered him from behind.

As for the latest rampage, Torres was arrested and charged with battery and resisting arrest.

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