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Florida Voter-Fraud Investigation Charges Two Former Strategic Allied Consulting Workers

Voter fraud in Florida? OH DO TELL.

Two ex-employees of Strategic Allied Consulting, which the GOPers hired to register voters prior to the November elections, were charged with a third-degree felony after they admitted they forged voter-registration forms, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

And while the GOPers themselves fired the SAC and then called for an investigation, the two ex-employees claim they were told not to register Democrats.

According to SAC attorney Frederick Petti, authorities say the investigation is focused on no more than six bad-apple employees.

"We've said from the outset that the Republican Party of Florida has a zero tolerance policy for any type of voter fraud," Mike Grissom, executive director of the Republican Party of Florida, said in a statement.

Voter fraud is INTOLERABLE!

Constant, persistent, unyielding voter suppression? Now that's the ticket!

Reportedly, Joy Paul, one of the two ex-employees who have been charged, turned in 20 fake voter-registration applications, while the other, Christian Davis Price, turned in seven fake ones.

Davis Price says the motivation was simple: no registration, no cash.

Paul's motives were similar. She also told authorities that her bosses at SAC told her to not register Democrats. She then left her job at SAC after three weeks to take a job with Waffle House.

There are four other Strategic Allied Consulting cases still under investigation.

So, to recap: The GOPers went hard to the hoop alleging voter shenanigans leading up to the November elections, only to get caught with their pants down.

Also, working at the Waffle House is a better job than registering people to vote.

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