Florida's Best College Scandals

Man, college what a wild time! Remember when Joey got blasted on Jager shots and vomited on your iPhone or that time your tenured professor told you the Newtown shooting never happened? Or remember when another professor asked students to step on Jesus' name and that pissed off a lot folks? Oh and don't forget when your university almost sold the rights of the football stadium to the world's private prison officer? If you can recall any of these incidents then you're probably a student at Florida Atlantic University (Everybody there knows about the time Joey threw up on an iPhone. Just ask).

FAU President Mary Jane Saunders resigned last week following a trunkful of controversies (including hitting a student with her car). But Saunders shouldn't feel too awful about her repeated failures to run a competent university. Headline-grabbing scandals are a key facet of higher education in Florida. Almost as important as learnin' stuff.

We've compiled the most offensive, gruesome and despairing scandals to take place in Florida schools. Feeling nostalgic about those university days? You won't after this list.

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Matt Levin