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Follow the Green Brick Road: "Oz" Coming to Broward

You've probably never heard of the largest development planned in Broward County, but you've heard the name before: Oz.

 The plan is to build something called the "City of Oz" on the BankAtlantic Center's parking lot in Sunrise. Don't know if they've hired a bunch of slightly disturbing dwarves for the grand opening or not.

Florida Panthers owner Alan Cohen is the man behind the curtain on this giant project. And it is truly massive, bringing in a theater district, hotels, restaurants, retail, and office. And, judging from Cohen's pump of campaign money into Sunrise campaigns, it's going to slide right through the Sunrise City Commission. Cohen is also busy wining and dining county commissioners, who will also have to approve the massive development, which Cohen promises will create 13,428 jobs. 

Watch this one, people. Sunrise, which already has Sawgrass Mills and the arena, is already developed to the gills. The Tao ghost towers are still, uh, ghostly. Need to make sure the developer puts up for the infrastructure and doesn't get to pass on the monumental risk to taxpayers. You know, like the way Wayne Huizenga did with the arena last decade.

Check out the Oz website to get more details. I'll leave you with a description from the site of the idyllic life those who live there will lead:  

It's sunrise, and a fresh-baked scone beckons at the French bakery right outside your door. Your coffee is perfect because it is prepared by a local who knows you by name.   Just a few feet from your residence is your office, and your commute is a stroll, no bus, no car, no taxi, no train. You will pass friends along the way. They will smile, wave and say hello. You might stop at a park bench to enjoy the morning paper, which you just picked up at the local newsstand or bookstore. You will have the time. Tonight you might take in a show, a Broadway show, or a professional hockey game or concert at the arena just around the corner. Your seats will be just where you like them, thanks to your resident concierge. Late night is every night in Oz, with sidewalk cafes, clubs, restaurants, bistros and even fitness clubs operating on your schedule. In Oz, the shopping is right at your doorstep. Combined with Sawgrass Mills shopping mall it will be one of the world's great shopping destinations. And you're already there. A lifestyle that is unrivaled and unmatched anywhere.

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