Former Insider Sheds Some Light on Rothstein's Life

I mentioned earlier that I had spoken to someone who was close to Scott Rothstein for several months ending in the middle of this year. That's all I can say about the identity of the source, who I'll call Pat, but following are some of the more interesting points of what Pat said.

Pat said Rothstein visited the stripper he was keeping at the Ritz-Carlton on Fort Lauderdale beach multiple times each week. Rothstein also regularly visited the strip club Solid Gold, where the dancer worked. I had heard from numerous sources that the stripper, who remains unidentified, ran up huge bills at the five-star hotel.

"The hooker [in the Ritz-Carlton] got whatever she wanted," said Pat. "She would have champagne for breakfast, lobster and steak for lunch, whatever she wanted. He would go see her three or four days a week. When he would go to Solid Gold, he'd take a couple of girls into the champagne room, do what he had to do, and get out of there."

Rothstein ate breakfast at the Ritz every morning, sometimes with the dancer but usually with a business associate. "Sometimes he took his wife

there, which was kind of funny," said Pat.

Pat also said Rothstein had relationships with a couple of girls who worked at Bova Prime as well. "It was obvious," Pat said. "You could tell by the way he interacted with them." 

Other than that, it was all business, Pat said. Rothstein would have three or four business meetings each day. He was, not surprisingly, obsessed with money. "He had money at banks all over town," said Pat. "He would never go to the TD Bank branch right across the street from the [Rothstein Rosenfeldt Adler] office. Instead, he would go all the way out to the branch in Weston. He had a connection in there, apparently."

Rothstein did indeed keep numerous trust accounts at that branch under the care of former TD Bank Vice President Frank Spinosa, who was fired after the scandal broke. One of Rothstein's victims, car dealer Ed Morse, also kept accounts in the bank.

Pat also said that Rothstein had business associations with organized crime figures in New York. Although Pat saw Rothstein meet with the men, Pat never knew their names.

"They were wiseguys from New York, and they would come in and out of town," said Pat. "It was hush-hush. Scott would whisper, 'Somebody is coming by.' And nobody would be allowed to be near his office when the Mafia guys came in to meet with him."

Pat said one of the bothersome things about Rothstein was that he was a braggart and would show off his bodyguards all the time. "He would show everybody they were carrying guns, but that's the kind of person he was," Pat said. "He was an all-show kind of person. He just wanted people to think he was somebody. He'd sit down and say, 'I'm here, my guns are here, my boys are here, and we're all ready.' He carried a gun on an ankle holster or in the back of his pants, but I don't know if he knew how to use it."

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